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14 Bizarre Body Modifications

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From creepy forked tongues to a real life human Barbie and Ken doll, here are 14 Bizarre Body Modifications.

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8. Forked Tongues
Also known as tongue splitting or tongue bifurcation if you’re fancy, cutting your tongue in two at the tip is also a popular body modification. The result is something serpentine and reptile-like, which is probably why many find it so appealing. You can either cauterize the tongue or slice it in two with a scalpel and then let it heal by tying it with a fishing line--a method that was created by Dustin Allor, who was only 19 back in 1996. Healing takes as long as two weeks, so there’s lots of bleeding mouths involved in between then. While there’s definitely something to gain from a forked tongue aesthetically, others have said they’ve gotten the procedure done for more personal or spiritual reasons.

7. Nose Gauges
If you can put gauges in your ears, why not anywhere else? Nose gauges are a type of nose piercing, after all.

6. Corset Piercings
People typically get corset piercings done on their back or somewhere on their torso and then complete the look with strands or ribbon. You can essentially get corset piercings anywhere, such as your feet, back of your legs, arms. Tying it all up is up to you, of course.

5. Elf Ears
Anyone who’s into high fantasy like Lord of the Rings knows how appealing elf ears can be. But instead of opting for props, prosthetic makeup, or clever ear jewelry, which have more or less the same effect, there are those who are looking for something a little more permanent. Like a lot of permanent body mods, there’s some cutting and stitching back together involved. Usually, the outer corner of the ear is cut and then stitched together to look more pointed. Of course, it needs to be done carefully incase rebounding of the ear cartilage occurs. The result is making you look like a character from Middle Earth or a member aboard the Starship Enterprise.

4. Branding
It’s not just a procedure saved for livestock anymore. Branding, also known more officially as “scarification” means either cutting designs, burning, or scratching them into one’s skin and is a permanent type of body modification. Everyone has scars for the most part, usually from getting burned or getting stitches. Branding takes it to a more artistic level, with people who add it to their bodies doing so with unique designs. Sometimes, branding might take a while to complete since the purpose is for the scar to stay--since they usually fade over time. It’s not a new thing either. People around the world have been practicing scarification for centuries, so for some, it’s not just to look pleasing, but also part of their culture.

3. Alien Surgery
With $50,000 and a desire to turn himself into what he describes as a “genderless alien” Vinny Ohh overwent different surgeries to make himself look so. The 22 year old makeup artist from Los Angeles wanted a complete alien look, and not just on his face. Ohh explains that he’s wanted to be sexless and genderless since he was 17 years old and is willing to spend about $150,000 more to get more procedures done.

2. Bagel Heads
It’s a body mod movement that started in Canada, of all places--though it’s something that’s made it’s way across the world. For those of you who are interested but aren’t sure about the commitment, don’t worry. The look only lasts about 6 to up to 24 hours. What happens is that, by using saline drips, the part of the head is made to swell, resulting in a shape that usually resembles a bagel. Jerome Abramovitch is credited to having started the trend and was later revived by Keroppy Maeda who brought it to Japan. Since it doesn’t last long, it’s like a stranger and more extreme version of a temporary tattoo.

1. Barbie Modification
Most people have heard of or at least seen a picture of Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova--someone who has been famously dubbed as the human barbie doll. While she might be one of the more notorious people to have undergone surgery to look more like the popular Mattel doll, she’s certainly not the only one. There’s also people like Pixee Fox, who was a former electrician, and spent over 80,000 British pounds in surgeries to give herself Barbie’s same hourglass figure. She also had her lower ribs removed so that her waist could shrink down to 14 inches. And it’s not just something for women either. Justin Jedlica has been called the human Ken Doll since his body has so much silicon injected into it, he resembles Barbie’s boyfriend. With 90 surgeries, he’s spent over $100,000 to look the way he’s wanted to look.

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