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18 More Bizarre Foods From Around The Globe

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From Edible Bird’s Nests to Fried Creepy Crawlers here are 18 More Bizarre Foods from around the globe. Would you eat anything on this list?

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5 - Live Octopus
Here's a dish served ridiculously raw, and when I say raw, I mean literally raw, like still alive raw, that’s right, you heard me right, this meal actually consists of a small octopus that has been hacked into tiny pieces, with the poor guy still living and breathing, this crazy dish is then lightly seasoned, most commonly with sesame seeds and sesame oil, plated and served to hungry diners immediately. The tentacles will usually still be squirming on the plate as this delicacy is served, some prepare this dish by placing a whole live baby octopus onto a plate with sauce for dipping. This bizarre, slightly frightening dish is a popular treat inside many Asian countries, but especially in Japan and Korea. The typical high class menu will set you back by around 30,000 won or nearly 30 bucks American.

4 - Snake Wine
This alcoholic beverage is produced by infusing snakes into rice wine or sometimes inside grain alcohol. This liquid delicacy is popular in China, Vietnam and Korea but can be found across most of the Asian world. The snakes, preferable the more dangerous and venomous the better are preserved for their essence, the venom itself will dissolve inside the confines of the alcohol and is believed to reinvigorate a person down to their soul. The large poisonous reptile is sliced through the belly and drained of its blood before being placed in the infused alcohol, there are often a mix of herbs, spices and medical oddities, and left to steep for months. It is estimated that snake wines have been around since 300 BC. Snake wine labels will often promise to help curve baldness, failing eyesight and increase sexual libedo. Some truly mad brewers will mix in scorpions as well as snakes, for extra power. Snake wine is dangerously high in alcohol and the bravest of alcoholics will even eat parts of the snake fermenting inside the glass bottle, which if you have ever eaten the worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle you know how this night will probably end. The typical cost for a bottle, around 150 to 300 American bucks.

3 - Civet Coffee
Otherwise known as the most expensive coffee in the world. This bizarre form of coffee is derived from coffee cherries being eaten and partially digested and then defecated by Civets. Most commonly Asian palm civets, also known as toddy cats, these small furry mammals native primarily to Southeastern Asia, have a unique digestion system which actually ferments the grounds in their tummies. The civet's digestive juices enter into the beans and modify the microstructural properties adding enzymes and additional breakdowns for storage proteins. After this whole crazy process the coffee cherries are regathered up, packed and sold, this super expensive delicacy coffee is most commonly sold for around 150 American dollars per pound.

2 - Edible Bird’s Nests
This dish has been circulating through China for over 400 years and consists of actual real bird constructed homes, on a Chinese menu, it’s literal translation means, swallow's nest. Bird's nests are boiled down in hot water to prepare the broth sweet soup, most of those nests are formed with solidified bird saliva. The Chinese believe that this unique meal helps to promote good health, especially for the skin. Edible nests from birds are among the most expensive animal product meal consumed by human beings in the entire world, in Asia one nest typically retails for around 2,500 dollars per kilogram. The red nest variety will sometimes cost 10,000 American dollars for a single bowl.

1 - Fried Creepy Crawlers
Get ready for it! We're about to combine a whole bunch of nasty buggies which people around the world eat into the first place slot in order to finish off this adventurously tasty list. Fried spiders, especially tarantulas are quite popular in Cambodian street markets and are said to be rich in proteins and folic acids. Deep fried grasshopper can be found as a tasty roadside treat in Mexico, most of Asia as well as several parts of the United States. Large tree caterpillars, found in Africa, when fried up make a delicious snack. Worms also deep fried to golden perfection are another treat high in protein which you can usually sample in Zimbabwe. Silkworms flavored with hot sauce and pepper is a popular favorite in Chinese cuisine and is believed to bring good luck. Leaf cutter Ants are said to be an aphrodisiac and help fight cancer, find these dried queen ants served up in dishes in Colombia. Finally roaches, these nasty brown and black creepy crawlers are served fried with honey and soy sauce in Asia as well as several strange restaurants located in New Jersey. There you have it, a whole mess of tasty buggy treats for you to fry up and consume, that is, if your taste buds are bold, daring and full of guts!

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