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6 Years With Machinima: Ups, Downs and a Bizarre End

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If you're thinking of partnering with Machinima, or you're currently a partner with them now, you should definitely watch this video first!

I've been a YouTuber since 2008 and I've done this for a living since early 2011; from that point until early February 2017, I remained one of the long-running mainstay partners with the Machinima network. It was certainly a tumultuous time, and over the years Machinima both aided me greatly in my YouTube success, but also led to several unexpected setbacks that blindsided myself and my business. Machinima decided to end their partnership with me seemingly out-of-the-blue and my viewers have wanted to know the real story behind it. In this vlog, I outline the major points in my 6+ year history with Machinima as both a company and an MCN, including the good and the bad, and I explain the truth behind our eventual separation. NOTE: Nothing in this vlog is considered a violation of any non-disclosure agreement, as no specifics to any contracts that I signed with Machinima are disclosed. However, I feel the generalities are enough to convey the message.

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