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Impossible: 3 puzzles your friends will always get wrong! (with answers)

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Try these 3 puzzles... if you solve them all, then you are an absolute GENIUS! These puzzles are generally a sure fire that your friends will always get wrong!

They are also my three favorite puzzles. They may be some of the hardest puzzles ever! Here is the text written out:

Puzzle 1:
How many triangles are located in
this image?
Think you know the answer?
27 in total!
16 one-cell triangles
7 four-cell triangles
3 nine-cell triangles
1 sixteen cell triangle
Puzzle 2:
Starting from any point and without lifting your pen from the page, can you draw 4 straight lines, such that each of the nine dots has at least one line running through it?
Puzzle 3:
Rearrange three tennis balls so that the triangular pattern points down instead of up.

I hope you enjoy this video and test your friends to see how smart they are in solving these riddles! Can you solve this? lol

Please let me know in the comments! Yours, Daily Broccoli

Music is from: bensound.com it is called "Happy"
See this video in Spanish as "rompecabezas": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GirPKkNRoOQ

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