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IQ Test - Only 1% Can Solve These Brain Puzzles

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Interactive IQ test questions. Can you solve these brain puzzles? Is your mind and brain power in the top 1% of the population?

In comparison to the general population, how intelligent do you think you are? Only those with a top 1% IQ can solve these brain puzzles and logic puzzle. Is your mind in the 1%?
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What is my IQ score?

If you think you’re smarter than average and your IQ falls on the higher side of the spectrum then put your brain to the test.
This intelligence test quiz will help you determine whether or not you are of average intelligence, or much smarter than that!

There are a series of ten questions brain teasers, puzzles and problems to work through in genuine IQ test.

If you can correctly answer all of them, you will be given a more specific assessment IQ level to see if you're a natural born genius!

Solving all the puzzles correctly is hard and will put your IQ in the top one percent! Whatever your score, remember to leave your results in the comments below.

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