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Killer Clown 7 - Resurrection! Scare Prank!

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Killer Clown 7 - Resurrection! Scare Prank!
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-This prank isn't actually the real episode 7, but is it the episode 8 adapted to be the episode 7. If you follow me on twitter and IG you already know the entire footage of the real episode 7 has been seized from the police alongside with $15k worth of cameras that also have been seized. To deliver this video in time i had to rent new cameras and rush the production.

-Extras for this video will not go up in the second channel, you will be able to see it in the Halloween special, together with the next clown episode.

-As usual, Killer clown 8 Will be produced if this video go over 20Million Views (This video just went over 100 Million On Facebook, expect killer clown 8 for halloween)

-Stay tuned on my various social media to know more about: Killer Clown - The Movie. Can't say anything more for now.


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