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Sylveon Vs Umbreon short animation

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hola !,I did this animation for Sylveon, the latest Pokemon and the newest addition to the Eevee family, fighting one of its siblings or whatever, I'm also using After effects for the first time!, enjoy watching, rate,comment, SUBSCRIBE and share it with your friendS !

-How The heck I did this ??

Flash CS6 for drawing and animation
Photoshop for Backgrounds
After effects for special effects (movies,etc..)
Premier for combing and adding sounds

-How long does it takes !!?

it took me about 4 weeks , but My laptop is shit.

-Can I audition for your videos, do you still need voice actors ?

Yes I do still need voice actors, and you can audition by sending your voicereel, or fandubs, or just record any line from the anime or manga and send it to me in PM.

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